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Woohoo! Pop the bubbly! I'm so excited for this first branding + website launch of's going to be a freakin' fantastic year my friends!

If you love luxurious, swoon-worthy interiors, then (please oh please!) keep reading. You're seriously going to be head-over-heels with this one. 

Pearl Design is a luxury boutique interior design firm based in Houston, Texas. I fell in love (literally at first sight...) with their gorgeous interiors on Houzz - from styling the Montage Beverly Hills Penthouse for Modern Luxury Magazine's 2015 cover with Empire star Taraji P. Henson to transforming ordinary spaces into major design eye-candy. 

Once again, we were a match-made in design Heaven. The main goal: to have a website that reflects their style and beautifully showcases their work.

So today, I'm going to take you behind-the-scenes of our digital design studio and show you step-by-step how it all came together.

Grab a cup of coffee and step inside my virtual office!


The very first step when starting any new branding + website design project, is to truly get to know my client, their wants, needs, goals and visions for their new site. Each new client first fills out a questionnaire to help guide me through the design process.

Alecia and Charles already had a logo concept in mind that Charles sketched and sent over to me. Needless to say, I loved the initial idea. My goal from there was to refine their vision and really bring it to life. 

Here's a peek at the logo process from initial sketch to final product. 

Logo Design Process

I love to see how the imperfections are ironed out during the refining process. We played around quite a bit with the texture and tone of the gold foil until we we're super happy with the look.

The clean sans-serif "Proxima Nova" font is the perfect combination with the complexity of the logo icon above, creating a balance that is very visually appealing and easy to read (extremely important with every logo!).


In defining their design style, Alecia & Charles describe their work as "a unique and timeless expression of style". I wanted those words to be the foundation for their new brand: A vision of timeless elegance, clean lines, and of course, undeniable style.

As for the color palette, Alecia and Charles are drawn to black, grays, taupes, whites and golds...and that is exactly what I chose in designing their brand. It's a sultry and luxurious color combination - what's not to love about that?

Included in the Branding Style board are additional "graphic branding elements". These are a quick preview as to the graphic elements that we can add to the website and overall brand. I love using this space to add some personality and texture to the brands I create. 


As I mentioned previously, the main goal for the new Pearl Design website was to design a website that is truly a reflection of their style. Once the Branding Board is complete, I hit the drawing board to come up with a site layout to implement our new branding elements + the actual website content using the Squarespace platform.

I chose the idea of a left-side navigation menu because it gave us more space to showcase photos of their gorgeous interiors on each page and of course, on the portfolio pages.

It was also extremely important for me to design the portfolio to be as user-friendly as possible. I added clear "CTA's" (call-to-action buttons) under each portfolio page to easily guide a viewer from one gallery to the next. 

We're all absolutely in L-O-V-E with the final website, which you can view here! (*Psst I'm obsessed with these styled desktop images from Pretty Little Stock Photos)

"We are over the moon with our new website. Thank you for incorporating our style and vision into the beautiful website you created for us. You're an angel and a true joy to work with"

- Alecia, Pearl Design


Not only do these additional stationary items look beautiful, but it's very important to keep everything consistent and on brand...from your website to your business cards.

As part of my stationary package, I design complimentary business cards, letterhead and notecards. These items are particularly useful for a client like Pearl Design because they can write personalized "thank you" notes to their own clients, vendors, etc. 

I'm always sure to include the website URL on all collateral items as well to drive traffic to my client's new beautiful site!

Here are the final business card mockups...

Business Card Design

...and letterhead + notecards..

All in all, this brand was an absolute dream to create! As a designer, I have such a love for anything and everything design - fabrics, lighting, colors, decor - I could browse through photos of their interiors all day long...

What do you think of Pearl Design's new site? Be sure to leave a comment below!

P.S. If you're ready for a fresh look for your business, check out our Branding + Website Design packages to get brewin' on your own brand!