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Hey there fantastic photographer! Today we're chatting about our top tips for getting your images published on blogs, websites and magazines through Two Bright Lights. We get it - between juggling photoshoots, editing, generating new leads, delivering photographs, communicating with clients and so many other responsibilities - submitting your images to publications usually falls to the [very] last thing on your list!

Of course, you already know how valuable and beneficial it is to have your beautiful work published across the globe. Over the past year, as the content editor for Melissa Mercado Photography, we help manage her Two Bright Lights account and get her work published! Because of our collaboration, her photography has now been published over 40+ times on sites like The Knot, The Luxe Pearl, Popsugar and Desiree Hartsock just to name a few! [Check out our Two Bright Lights Management Package here]. 

We've seen so much success including an increase in client inquiries, sales and of course, exposure. 

Let's get to it!

Quick Note: These tips were written for wedding photographers in mind, but can be applied to other types of photographers as well.


Alright - so the very first and arguably the most important tip is to choose your favorite albums to submit to Two Bright Lights. Maximize your submission by uploading 150 of the best images [this is the maximum number of images you can upload]. You'll want to include as many detail shots as possible [ring shots, cake details, reception table setup, personalized giveaways etc.] because blogs absolutely LOVE details - their audience is filled with soon-to-be brides planning their own weddings, looking for fantastic ideas. 

Keep the reception "party" shots to a bare minimum as most publications don't publish these images. Next, choose a fantastic cover photo that entices the editor to see more!


Now that you have all of your images uploaded, the next important aspect is to write an extremely detailed "Album Story". Publications want to know the story behind the images to bring your album to life. Be as descriptive as possible here! Ideas of things to include: location details, the proposal story, fun quirks about the couple, why they chose their particular wedding theme etc. 

Let's be honest: we all love reading a great love story!

Many publications will quote your album story in the published post, which means less work on the editor's end to write an enticing story to accompany your images. The more "publish-ready" your album is, the higher your chance of getting your album published!


What do we mean by "robust submission"? This means including all of your vendor details [from the cake designer to the florist] and choosing the relatable "tags": color palette, wedding style, season etc. Two Bright Lights recently integrated with ShootQ to easily populate your album's vendor details with the click of a button. [Be sure to double check what auto-populates to ensure it's correct.]

Some blogs will only entertain submissions with complete vendor details to give credit to everyone involved.


It's important to thoroughly research the publication you want to be published in. Review the style of images they publish, the tone and type of text copy they use, their niche etc. and integrate this into your submission.

Essentially, your submission should fit seamlessly into their publication. 

For example: If the publication focuses on eccentric weddings, highlight all of the eccentric details [i.e. a reception flash mob, a halloween themed wedding]. If the publication is geared towards DIY weddings, be sure to include images and details of as many DIY elements of the wedding as possible [i.e. flower crows, hand-lettered seating cards]. 

Bottomline: The more tailored your submission is to the publication, the higher your chance of being published!


After choosing the publications you would like to submit to, Two Bright Lights gives you the option to write a note to the editor along with your submission.

Always include a short personalized note to the editor. Something simple, sweet and friendly will do. Not only does this show your attention to detail, it also allows you to build a rapport with the editor. 


Last but not least, be patient! Editors have hundreds of publications to view and sometimes it can take a few weeks to receive a response from a particular publication. Don't worry if you don't hear back right away!


  • What do I do if my submission is not accepted? Don't be discouraged! Some editors will include a short note stating why your album is not a fit for their publication. Be open to what they have to say and use it to refine your album, re-submit or implement their advice in your next album submission. 


  • What to do if your submission is accepted? Congrats! You will receive an email including a link to the post when a publication publishes your album. Be sure to post across all of your social media channels and tag the publication to increase exposure!


Do you have any other tips on successfully submitting your work via Two Bright Lights? Which tips have you implemented? Share with us in the comments below!

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