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Pop the bubbly! The new site is finally live!! [insert happy dance here]. To all my fellow designers - you know how tedious + incredibly exciting it can be to undertake your very own redesign. Whew.

After the launch of The Bucketlist Bombshells and The Work Online + Travel the World Course in June, to be totally honest, I was incredibly exhausted and just plain burnt-out.

Running my own business is equally the most rewarding and the most challenging journey I've ever been on.

As a serious go-getter, dreamer and entrepreneur, sometimes you [quite literally] never stop. 

After a few months of much-needed reflecting + refocusing and just plain taking care of me, I'm more inspired than ever. Even more, I've been inspired to share with you advice, tips + tools from one Girl Boss to another, including a behind-the-scenes look at my digital design studio!

Today, this redesign is not just a physical makeover, but an inner launch into a new chapter of my business.

As always, thank you for your endless support, love + kind words from around the world! 

So without further adieu, I bring you the new Digitally Brewed...


Just as I do with all of my clients, the very first step in the design process is to design the primary logo. I believe that it sets the tone for the entire brand and website moving forward. For my primary logo, I knew that I wanted a combination of a simple sans-serif text font paired with digitized hand-lettering. 

After perfecting particular letters of the hand-lettered aspect, I joined them together in Illustrator and made a handful of digital tweaks to get the exact look I wanted. When digitizing hand-lettering, it's important to balance the uniqueness of the letters (the imperfections are what make is so unique!), while still keeping it clean and not messy.


I absolutely love the final outcome - the balance of the entire logo, the simpleness of the "Digitally" and the sass in the "Brewed". I'm in love. 


The second step in the process is designing the full branding style board which is arguably one of my favorite parts in the whole process! I love seeing how the logo, colors and textures bring my vision to life. 

For the new Digitally Brewed brand, I knew I wanted a bit of a timeless and classic look while still adding a hint of sass and personality. I love the clean and modern feel with adding plenty of white space, it gives my designs room to breathe and has this wonderful freshness about it.


Here's a breakdown of my design choices for the Branding Style Board:

Favicon: Of course, the "Brewed" in Digitally Brewed was inspired by my serious love (and slight addiction) to coffee so I wanted to represent that more in my new branding. I digitized my hand-drawing of this cute coffee mug to be my favicon - the image that shows next to the title of my website in your browser tab.

Alternate submark: When designing the submark, I knew I wanted a circular modern-take on the traditional stamp. I love how the design is modern, clean, fresh with a hint of personality - which I feel is the exact representation I was going for.

Color palette: While black and white is classic, I wanted to add a pop of color without being too loud or trendy. I decided on this perfect "mint" as a calming and rejuvenating color and added a light "slate" to tone down the black.

Patterns & textures: For patterns and textures, I wanted to mimic the "chalkboard" wall that is in the background of a few of my personal brand photos from a coffee shop in Thailand. It was important to me that it didn't feel country so I loved the blend of this mint and white decorative tile pattern.

Fonts + brand elements: I love using the brand elements section of the branding style board to add pops of personality and unique detail to each brand. I had so much fun digitizing these quirky additional design elements along with a few additional ones that I use as icons for my blog categories.

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In terms of the overall layout and design of the new site, I wanted it to be extremely user-friendly to showcase all of my services, projects, the blog, our e-course etc. 

Aside from just the structural aspect of the new site, the rebrand was inspired by me wanting to truly represent the quality of design work and my individual style.

The new site is modern, clean + feminine...and I'm totally in love. It features a brand new Shop [for upcoming ecourses + goodies], an easy to navigate Services page and of course, The Blog - a resource hub for designers, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs!

Overall, I'm so ecstatic with the redesign. It's so refreshing to know that my site truly reflects my design style and it's attracted so many more dream clients who love the look too!


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What do you think of the new redesign? Share in the comments below!