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The Bucketlist Bombshells has been a passion project of mine for over a year now. Myself and my best-friend and business partner, Shay, the techie behind My Bliss Publishing, are the co-creators of The Work Online + Travel the World Course: a 6-week interactive online class teaching new graduates how to build an online business giving them the freedom to travel the world!

Aside from the process of creating and building an online course and membership website, it’s been an absolute blast to envision and design our brand from scratch. I’m so excited to share with you the details behind our branding as we’re constantly receiving praise for it. Needless to say, we are incredibly proud because so much love and detail went into bringing this amazing business to life. A few of my fave snippets from The Bucketlist Bombshells website…

It’s extremely important to us that our branding is fresh, modern, with a bit of sass and pops of color to appeal to our audience of 20 & 30-somethings. I love the mix of the soft teal combined with black to give our brand a hint of edge while still being playful and inviting.

Every week, we send out a newsletter called the “BB Insider” to our email list. Here is the custom newsletter graphics I designed to keep all of our emails and branding consistent. Below each header, we showcase a new item each week…

Inside the backend of the Work + Travel course, I designed all the resources and elements for our students including “The Ultimate BB Workbook” – a 20+ page interactive digital workbook with action steps and exercises to keep them motivated and on track. Here’s a sneak peek at it

And finally The Work Online + Travel the World Course registration page, giving students full instant access to the entire course.

…inside the course…

Co-creating this amazing course and designing our brand from scratch has been incredibly fun and exciting! Not only do I absolutely love our style and brand elements, we’re helping other aspiring Girl Bosses and wanderlust seekers make their dreams a reality…and that feeling is absolutely priceless.

If you’re ready to take your brand and website to the next level, contact me to get started on your Branding + Website Design package