Digitally Brewed

Digitally Brewed is a digital design studio and business + design resource for creative entrepreneurs. We're here to help you creatively tell your brand's story through knockout design: from custom design services in our studio to must-have design and business resources, tips and tools on our blog

Pour yourself a delicious cup of caffeine, grab a comfy seat and let's chat dreamer + doer to dreamer + doer. You're here because you...

  • Believe design is the silent ambassador for your brand
  • Believe a killer business is all about the finer details
  • Believe that truly great design is beautiful, clean + simple
  • Believe that there is beauty in simplicity

Well lovely, you're in just the right place! We're here to give you all the tools + tips you need to make your online space beautiful and attract your ideal audience. If you're thinkin, "Um, yes please!" then we'd love to have you join our community of coffee-runnin'-seriously-go-gettin' creative entrepreneurs taking their businesses to the next level! Sign up for our newsletter here to get exclusive business and design tips + insights, come double tap with us on Instagram or indulge in a pin-binge on Pinterest - we may be a tad bit obsessed.

So now you may be thinkin, "Who's the Girl Boss behind the screen?"


Welcome to DB, lovely!

I'm Cassie and I'm so happy you've found this little slice of digital design love. I started Digitally Brewed in 2013 after graduating from university with a degree in Strategic Communication + Business while, let's be honest here, desperately searching for an alternative to the 9-5 grind.

Spoiler alert: This is when the magic happened.

I combined my entrepreneurial spirit along with my serious love and passion for all things design to create Digitally Brewed! The ridiculous go-getter in me grew my business to full-time in one month, so with my laptop in hand, I booked a one-way ticket to travel the world and cure my wanderlust at the same time! Yep, you heard that right...

In addition to being the Creative Guru around here, I'm the co-founder of The Work Online + Travel the World Course - a 6-week interactive online course teaching new graduates how to build an online business & travel the world. You can find us chattin' #BucketlistBombshell tips on Elite Daily and One Woman Shop just to name a few.

Alright lovely, enough chit chat - let's get to it!

Cheers to workin' hard, taking risks, always learning & dreaming big!